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Created by and run by Latinx Therapists



We are an organization created and run by latinx therapists on a mission to increase mental health care providers serving the Latinx Spanish speaking community and empowering our next generation of Latinx therapist. We are a fiscally sponsored nonprofit project under Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC). 


Our Initiatives

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At Latinx Therapist Project, we are dedicated to increasing the number of  mental health care providers serving the Latinx spanish speaking community through recruitment efforts. We partner with educational instituations and community partners to provide knowledge of the need for latinx therapists and how to get there.

At Latinx Therapist Project, we recognize that getting education funded is a big obstable in increasing latinx therapists that is why our goal is to give information on which programs offer fully funded masters or phd degrees. 

We also partner with universities to create oppurtunities for latinx students looking to get into therapy programs. 

Navigating which therapy specialty to go into can be a challenging and career defining moment- whether it be marriage & family therapy, clinical counseling, social work, or psychologist. Through our informational webinars and mentoring programs we can help latinx professionals make that decision.

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 Establishing mentorship partnerships 
through which individuals can have support in the following:
           Pre-graduate school support

  • Exploring & deciding whether the mental health field is for them/ Learning more about mental health field career  

  • Deciding therapy specialty            

  • Graduate school process (deciding program and applying)

             Graduate School Support          

  • Graduate school support (navigating graduate program)     

                    Post graduation support

  • Deciding employer

  • Type of therapy work              

  • Finding identity as professional               

  • Finding Identity as a therapist              

  • Increasing retention in the field            

  • For Latinx therapists who are considering leaving therapy field due to variety of reasons including burn out, own mental health struggles, etc

Creating a job database specifically targeting Latinx therapists listing information such as:
o   Organization mission, initiatives, values
o   Type of practice (community mental health center, inpatient, private practice)
o    Guaranteed starting salary
o    Benefits (insurance, 401k, health programs, etc)
o    Professional development funds
o    Relocation assistance
o    Sponsorship visa information
o    Identify sites that are part of the farmworker/rural counseling program initiative

Creating a safe place for all latinx professionals to learn, grow, support each other and learn from each other.

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